Very recently, the NCC held its 8th annual golf tournament – a wonderful time of fellowship and outreach, as well as a much-needed fundraiser for the ministry of the Choir.  Set for the fourth Thursday in June, we were hoping for a beautiful sunny day with low humidity and pleasant temperatures at the Gettysburg, PA, golf course hosting our event. To bolster our expectations, we had experienced a streak of gorgeous weather – so what was one more day in a string of perfect weather days?

And then we looked at the weather forecast.  WHAT??  What was that cloud with ominous slanted lines streaking down from it doing there? And why was a yellow zig-zag shape that looked for the world like a lightning bolt stuck in the middle of those streaking lines? What were THOSE symbols doing on OUR Thursday?! (And right smack in the middle of a Wednesday and Friday that showed nothing but big, beautiful yellow SUNS over their columns!)

Well, we started praying.  And nothing changed.  We must have checked that forecast every hour leading up to the tournament day. Persistent bugger, that forecast!  And so, we prayed more.  Wednesday came in all its sunny glory, and we began to make our last minute tournament preparations: stuffing golfer bags, arranging all the door prizes, placing sponsor signs all over the course and hanging sponsor banners at the clubhouse. We were ready.  And yet, there was that obstinate forecast:  rain, more rain, thunderstorms – with maybe one short break where it would just be cloudy.

We awoke on tournament day to the sound of rain hitting the roof – and not just a drizzle!  Oh no, it was the real deal: soaking, steady rain coming down AT the golf course. Yet, on we went.  And on they came. Golfers who had registered for the tournament began to show up, reporting thunderstorms and torrential downpours that they had to drive through to get there. Amid the raindrops, players began to go through registration. More and more golfers arrived. (They’re a HARDY bunch – nearly as tenacious as the showers that continued to fall!).

And then it happened!  At 7:45 (45 minutes before the golfers were to tee off), the last raindrop fell. The sky started to clear slightly and there was even a peek of sun!  (I was convinced that God was putting His stamp on the day – confirming His answer to our prayer with that tiny shimmer of sunlight.)

And you know, not another drop fell for the duration of the day at the golf course!  Oh, we could see dark clouds in the distance, even some that came threateningly close, but they brought no rain.

Now, you ask . . . well, did God really have anything to do with that? Did God hear and answer your prayers about the weather for a golf tournament??  In the words of a popular song the Choir sings: “I choose to believe” that He did exactly that.  And what I’m absolutely sure about is that Joshua commanded the sun to stand still for an entire day, and God honored that command (see Joshua 10). And James 5:17 says: ”Elijah was a man just like us. He prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the land three and a half years.”  And I also know that we prayed and it did not rain on our golf tournament.

I’ll close with the words of my husband (chairman of the NCC golf committee) to all the golfers as they gathered for lunch following a wonderful (and completely rain-free) tournament: “If you came here today not believing in the power of prayer, you might want to reconsider!”

Joyfully serving Him,


Kathy Bowman
Director of Music and Ministries