In 2015, Ron Jackson, a singer in our Baritone section and long-time Board Member, graduated to the heavenly choir. Since then, his wife, Judy, has thoughtfully made her way through the huge variety of papers, clippings, and pictures he saved. Some were humorous, and some were serious in nature. Some were written by others and meaningful to him; some he wrote himself. Recently, Judy shared with us a devotional thought Ron wrote many years ago, and we thought it worth sharing with our readers for Father’s Day.


Version 2

Loretta Spangler
Administrative Assistant/Soprano 1


My three-year-old daughter is at that stage in her life where she just has to be wherever Daddy is. One of her favorite pastimes is watching me shave. With my face lathered up for the ensuing chore, I have evoked a variety of comments.

There’s been the not too surprising, “Daddy, you look like Santa Claus!” – done, of course with the inflection that only a child has the freedom of spirit to express. At another time, she stated rather matter-of-factly, “Daddy, you look like a man.” I was glad for that, but heartened even more when, as I finished, she rejoiced, “Now you look like Daddy!”

This morning the daily task was about half completed when she smiled and said, “You’re turning into a Daddy!” I smiled and reflected on the fact that I had been Daddy all along.

I couldn’t help but think how like our relationship to God that is. We let visible things – circumstances, people, etc. – obscure the face of the Father as though He is not there all the time. It is not only when the problems clear away that He is our Father. That is no new truth, I know, but the next time life tumbles in, think of Him as being just as unchanged as my face behind the shaving cream.

Seek His face, yes, but know that His character, His deep compassion, His sacrificial self-giving love does not change when it seems His face is hidden. He is “Abba” all along.

Ron Jackson
© February 14, 1982