Welcome to the first edition of our new NCC blog – PraisePoint. Our hope is to share thoughts on a variety of topics through this blog: devotional life, our faith walk and modern Christian living, ministry pointers for those who lead or serve in various kinds of music and worship ministries, words of encouragement for those going through troubling times, . . . in short, subjects that relate to most of us as we attempt to live faithfully before the Lord and serve Him with our gifts and talents.

The name PraisePoint was chosen because Scripture tells us that it’s at the point of praise that God meets us in a very real, up close and personal way. Psalm 22:3 says this: But you are holy, you who inhabit the praises of Israel.” God actually inhabits – dwells, resides – in the praises of His people! How fabulous is that?! His presence is with us as we live daily in an attitude of praise.

Another inference from the name PraisePoint is this: the very point of praise is to honor God. “The reason we sing” (to quote the title of a popular “First Call” song from years ago) is to lift Him up, to exalt Him and give Him praise. The point of our lives, our very existence, the reason we do what we do, should be to glorify God. The mission statement of The National Christian Choir reflects our desire to do this through the ministry of music:

 The National Christian Choir is called to glorify God through a unique ministry of music which draws people into a new and deeper relationship with Him.

 We look forward to serving you through this blog as we share bits of inspiration that have encouraged us, things we’ve learned along the way (lessons from the archives of our lives), and testimonies of God’s faithfulness. We hope you’ll check back often to catch up with us and hopefully receive something that will jumpstart your walk with the Lord and your service to Him.

Joyfully serving Him,


Kathy Bowman
Director of Music and Ministries