The National Christian Choir

Each singer in The National Christian Choir is a volunteer – called to glorify God and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Some of our singers are also able to enthusiastically support the ministry financially. Most, however, cannot give beyond what it costs them personally to participate.

You have the opportunity to become a Supporting or Vision Partner by pledging a monthly donation. It costs the organization over $3,500 per year (approximately $65 every week) to sustain just one singer. You have the opportunity to enable us to provide staffing, music, robes, equipment, insurance, advertising, printing, recording expenses, and much more.

To become a Supporting Partner by pledging a $10 – $20 monthly donation, complete the Partner Level form to the right.

To learn more about the Vision Partner program, select the Vision Partners “tab” above.

If you would prefer to be a Contributor with a one-time gift, please select the Contributor Level form to the right. You may also mail your gift to The NCC, 17B Firstfield Road, Suite 108, Gaithersburg, MD 20878.