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July 2018

July 8 – “Guide Me Home (Pt. 1 of “Joy of the Journey” series)”

Most of us have a navigation system in our car or on our phone and it can be quite wonderful to have that gentle voice leading us every step of the way to our destination! All we have to do is listen and obey. This week, in Part 1 of our series “The Joy of the Journey”, we’re going to talk about following Christ as He leads us on our faith journey toward our eternal home. You won’t want to miss a minute of this program entitled “Guide Me Home”! Featured favorites by the Choir are Blessed Messiah ● As for Me and My House ● Beyond the Cross ● Go Ye Into All the World ● Be Still My Soul ● He Leadeth Me ● If You Will Only Let God Guide You ● Savior, Like a Shepherd, Lead Us ● Softly and Tenderly ● Heaven Bound ● No More Night

July 15 – “Baggage Check” (Pt. 2 of “Joy of the Journey” series)”

If you’ve ever arrived at the airport with more baggage than any one person should have to juggle, then you know the sense of relief you feel when you leave the ticket counter, free as a bird, after checking all that heavy baggage. Well, that’s the way God wants us to feel as we walk with him – he wants us to check all our baggage of the past – or even the stuff we’re carrying right now – with Him! I know you won’t want to miss this – so be sure to tune in and hear the Choir sing I Surrender All ● Jesus P aid It All ● There is Therefore No Condemnation ● Near the Cross ● Lamb of God ● My Help ● Grace Greater Than Our Sin ● He Looked Beyond My Fault ● When I Look Into Your Holiness ● The Power of Your Love

July 22 – “Detours!” (Pt. 3 of “Joy of the Journey” series)”

Have you ever been driving somewhere and suddenly find yourself facing an ominous yellow sign that says DETOUR? Or perhaps you’ve run late and decided to take a so-called “short cut”! Well, these kinds of “off-road” experiences happen in our Spiritual journey, too! – and sometimes with less-than-desirable results! So be sure to join us for this challenging look at the DETOURS we face in our faith walk. The Choir will sing Jesus Loves Me ● Oh How He Loves You and Me ● Oh the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus ● Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus ● He Leadeth Me ● Change My Heart, O God ● Through It All ● Yes, Lord ● The Mind of Christ ● Walking in the Spirit ● Coming Home ● Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone

July 29 – “Are We There Yet?” (Pt. 4 of “Joy of the Journey” series)”

What’s the most familiar phrase heard when you’re driving somewhere with kids in the car? You guessed it – “Are we there yet?” Sometimes we can be exasperated by their failure to comprehend the length of the trip! But before we’re too hard on them, let’s think about those times on our faith journey when we’ve called out to God in frustration – “Are we There Yet”? You won’t want to miss this week’s program as we deal with our impatience with God’s timing! The Choir will share theses favorites: Have Thine Own Way, Lord ● They That Wait Upon the Lord ● Everlasting God ● Be Still, My Soul ● Be Still ● Rest ● The Twenty-Third Psalm ● In His Presence Medley ● In the Calm ● Praise His Holy Name ● It Is Well With My Soul