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April 2017

April 2 “God’s NOT Finished with You Yet”

Have you ever wondered if maybe God was finished with you in terms of ministry or service? Perhaps you’ve planned a big old retirement party for yourself as you turn in your usher’s badge, your Sunday School teachers’ manual, your Choir Robe or maybe even your clerical collar? Well, before you get too far along in that process, I want to challenge you to do some serious thinking – because more than likely, God’s NOT finished with you yet! You won’t want to miss this! The Choir will sing The Power of Your Love • Cast Thy Burden Upon the Lord • Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus • Be Thou My Vision • There is Therefore No Condemnation • He Looked Beyond My Fault • Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone • Grace Greater than Our Sin • Balm in Gilead • By Faith • There’s Power in the Name of Jesus • Ain’t Got Time to Die

April 9 “Hosanna in the Highest!”

The triumphal entry of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem is commemorated by the church each year on what we now call “Palm Sunday”. Amid shouts of Hosanna and waving palm branches, praise was offered up to Jesus as he rode on a donkey into a city that would soon turn against Him. But for this day, the atmosphere was charged with adoration and exultation. And so in this broadcast, we join in praise with songs that honor our Lord! You’ll definitely want to tune in and hear the Choir share To the King • You Reign • Jesus Shall Reign • Unshakable Kingdom • Honored, Glorified, Exalted • Great is the Lord w/ Praise to the Lord the Almighty • High and Lifted Up • In the Name of the Lord • No Other Name But Jesus • Name of Jesus Medley • O Magnify the Lord

April 16 “Behind the Stone”

On Easter, we celebrate all that Christ provided for us through His death and resurrection! And as we look at the amazing story of this victory, we see that for 3 days, all anyone saw was a guarded tomb with a massive stone over the entry… standing as a formidable barrier between man’s need and God’s provision. You’ll want to join us for this Easter broadcast as we look “Behind the Stone” to see that nothing can keep us from God’s love and grace! The Choir will sing Arise, My Love • Was It a Morning Like This? • Blessings • Through It All • Trust in the Lord • Early In the Morning • Faithful • Your Great Name • Total Praise • Hallelujah, Praise the Lamb

April 23 “Yeah, BUT…!”

There’s almost nothing more disheartening than stepping out in faith, believing for God to do a work in your life, only to hear someone say “Yeah, but I prayed for that and nothing happened”. Or “Yeah, but those things only happened in the Bible, not today”, or “Yeah, but don’t get your hopes up”. If you’ve been confronted with discouraging words like this, take heart today as we look at how to deal with the “yeah, but”s! Choir songs featured will be Wings of Your Love • Standing on the Promises • The Solid Rock • In the Calm • He’s Been Faithful • Through It All • How Great Is Our God • Great Is the Lord Almighty • By Faith • You Are My Hiding Place • Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel?

April 30 “The Power Team: Prayer and Praise”

All of us face times when we feel desperate for God to move – our need is great and perhaps we’ve tried lots of fixes, all to no avail. Well, if that describes your situation, this broadcast is for YOU! Today we’re going to look at combining TWO powerful approaches to God: PRAYER and PRAISE. When joined, these 2 disciplines create a dynamic force for good in our lives. You simply won’t want to miss any of this so be sure to tune in! The Choir will share such favorites as The Lord’s Prayer • Father, O Father • Total Praise • Honored, Glorified, Exalted • Praise Him • Bow the Knee • Praise His Holy Names • Declare His Glory • Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven • Thou, O Lord