February, 2024

February 4 – “Breakthrough!”

There is nothing quite like that moment when something you’ve been struggling with is finally over – when the doctor says “there’s no sign of disease: — when a relationship is finally reconciled – when a new job brings needed financial blessing.  These are times of “Breakthrough” and the joy they bring is almost indescribable! This week, we’ll celebrate those moments AND stir our faith for breakthroughs yet to come.  Don’t miss this! The Choir will share Joyful, Joyful · Praise Him! · Total Praise · I Will Rejoice · Redeemed · He’s Been Faithful · Through It All · They That Wait Upon the Lord · Bow the Knee · Lord, You’re Holy · Come By Here

February 11 – “WHAT Was I THINKING??!”

Perhaps you have something hanging in the back of your closet or sitting in a corner of your basement and every time you see it you ask yourself “WHAT was I THINKING??” This same thing can happen with words or actions that, as soon as they’re said or done, we wonder “WHAT WERE WE THINKING??”.  You’ll want to tune in this week as we learn to deal with those moments when we question what we’ve said or done!  The Choir will share these favorites: They That Wait Upon the Lord · I Surrender All · The Mind of Christ · Take My Life and Let It Be · Come, Holy Spirit · Spirit of the Living God · He Looked Beyond My Fault · There is Therefore No Condemnation · His Grace Was Greater · Coming Home · Change My Heart, O God

February 18 – “O God, Our Help”

All you have to do is watch the news on TV for about 5 minutes and you find yourself shaking your head and crying out “O God, HELP!” I guess the hymn writer Isaac Watts must have felt the same way back in 1719, when he penned the great hymn “O God, Our Help in Ages Past”.  This week, these words frame OUR prayer for God’s help in our nation, our culture and our world. You won’t want to miss this!  The Choir will sing O God, Our Help In Ages Past · If My People · Thou Oh Lord · The Solid Rock · You Are My Hiding Place · A Mighty Fortress · Jesus Shall Reign · Everlasting God · Almighty God · Our God Is God · You Reign

February 25 – “Just Get Thru TODAY!”

Sometimes, when trouble comes our way – as we’re told in Scripture it will, we tend to worry about the long-range implications – how the trouble will affect our future.  Our minds take off into months and years ahead, and before you know it, the trouble we face is so magnified that we’re immobilized! We can’t see the next step that’s right in front of us! You’ll want to join us this week as we follow the wise advice to “Just Get Thru TODAY”!  The Choir will encourage us with these songs: Bow the Knee · My Help · Threshold of Glory · Is He Worthy? · Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel? · We’ve Come This Far By Faith · Hiding Place Medley · He Hides My Soul · It Is Well With My Soul