July/August 2019

July 21 “Up Close and Personal”

What does it mean when someone says they’re a Christian? Is it merely a word they use when asked: “what religion are you”? Or maybe their parents were Christians, so they guess they are too? Or perhaps they attend church occasionally – at least on Christmas and Easter?  NONE of these describes the UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL relationship that God desires with each of us!  So, join us this week as we see what that kind of Christianity looks like! You’ll hear the Choir sing Above All ———• What A Friend We Have in Jesus ———• Open My Eyes w/ Wonderful Words ———• Trust in the Lord ———• ABBA, Father ———• In His Presence Medley ———• He’s Been Faithful ——•— There is Therefore No Condemnation ——•— Before the Throne of God Above ———• Blessed Assurance

July 28 “Battle Fatigue”

We’ve all experienced times when everywhere we turn, we’re being hit with problems! And most days – and probably nights – are filled with the stress of dealing with conflict. In those situations, we can suffer from “Battle Fatigue” in a Spiritual sense – and often the enemy of our souls is fueling the firestorm! If you know what I’m talking about, you’ll definitely want to join us this week as we focus on dealing with this all-too-common condition.  The Choir will encourage us by singing Rest —————• Precious Lord, Take My Hand ——•— Come By Here ——•— Brethren, We Have Met to Worship ——•— Be Still ——•— Cast Thy Burden Upon the Lord— ——• They That Wait Upon the Lord ———• Everlasting God ——•— A Mighty Fortress ——•— Jesus Never Fails ——•— Mighty Warrior ———• Lord, You’re Holy ——•— Something Happens

August 4  “I Love to Tell the Story!”

Who doesn’t love a good story?  And it’s all the better when the story is true! So it is with the many stories in the Bible that we perhaps learned as children, studied as adults and then passed on to our own children.  And how much more enjoyable the story is, when it’s told through song!  So in this upcoming broadcast, we’re going to share many of the story-songs that the Choir has recorded. I know you’ll enjoy this, so be sure to tune in! The Choir will share I Love to Tell the Story —•— First Came Aardvarks •—— Dry Bones •—— Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel? •—— Moses —•— Little David, Play On Your Harp •—— In the First Light —•— Hallelujah, Praise the Lamb •—— Was It A Morning Like This? •—— Midnight Cry —•— We Shall Behold Him