September 2016

September 4 “Solitary REFINEment!”

Being alone isn’t necessarily a BAD thing — Especially when it comes to our faith journey. Jesus went away to be alone with his Heavenly Father many times – so how much more might we need time set-apart for fellowship just between us and God? In this upcoming broadcast, we’ll look at all the good that can come from these “alone-times” with Him. You won’t want to miss a minute of this, so be sure to join us! The Choir will sing these favorites: The Power of Your Love • Rest, Sweet Hour of Prayer • Change My Heart, O God • In My Life, Lord, Be Glorified • Have Thine Own Way Lord •I Surrender All • The Lord’s Prayer • They That Wait Upon the Lord • Father, I Adore You • In the Garden.

September 11 “15th Anniversary of 9/11”

Be sure to join us for this special broadcast of Psalm 95 as we commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11 – a beautiful fall day that changed our lives forever; an occasion filled with horror and disbelief with so many lives lost and families impacted for generations to come. We, as a nation, lost some of our innocence – our confidence that we lived in a safe and secure country. But the lessons learned and the stories of courage that emerged from the ashes of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the beautiful field in Shanksville, PA have moved us forward in many ways. And as believers, we are driven more than ever, to our knees to beseech our Almighty God for wisdom, direction and courage to bring His will into our earth. Hear the Choir sing America the Beautiful • God Bless America • The Lord’s Prayer • Bow the Knee • The Solid Rock • How Great Thou Art • , You Reign • Faithful • Great is Thy Faithfulness • It is Well With My Soul.

September 18 “Pressure Treated!”

The other day I was looking at the deck of a house we’re getting ready to sell and was amazed at how well it had withstood the assault of rot and insects over the years. Then I remembered, of course, that it had been built with pressure-treated lumber. It started me thinking about how our lives are often “pressure-treated” to make us able to withstand what life throws our way. Don’t miss this insightful look at the value of being “pressure treated”! The Choir will share Through It All • Trust in the Lord • Bow the Knee • Blessings • The Twenty-Third Psalm • They That Wait Upon the Lord • Everlasting God • At the Name of Jesus • The Mind of Christ • He’s Been Faithful.

September 25 “Long Enough At This Mountain!”

We’ve all known people who, after graduating from college, decide to remain in their college town – “hangers-on” who just want to stay in a place that reminds them of good times and great friends. Perhaps it’s natural to take comfort in the familiar. Yet, sometimes we hear God whisper as He did to the Children of Israel, “You’ve been long enough at this mountain”. In this broadcast, we’re going to look at those times when God calls us to make a change! Be sure to join us and hear the Choir sing He Leadeth Me • By Faith • In the Calm • ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus • Yes, Lord • Here I Am, Lord • Come Follow Me • Go Ye Into All the World • Reach the World • Great Is the Lord Almighty • Find Us Faithful.