February 2023

February 5 “Miracle Moments

Have you ever witnessed a miracle? I guess you might say, “well, it depends on your definition”.  But most of us KNOW when we’ve seen something happen that is truly miraculous.  And I would venture to say that if we stop to think about it, we’ve all experienced things that would qualify as miracles.  So tune in this week as we talk about those “Miracle Moments” that God brings to our lives. The Choir will share Great Is the Lord Almighty · Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel · Praise Him! · 10,000 Reasons · Almighty God · Way Maker · It All Belongs to You · Great Is the Lord w/ Praise To the Lord · By Faith · The Wonders of His Hands

February 12  “BEST Love Story EVER!

Every year around this time, our focus turns to LOVE! It can’t be helped – hearts and flowers, chocolates and valentines appear everywhere! But when I think of LOVE, my mind sees another picture – Jesus on the cross, giving HIS life for MY sin.  There is no greater love than this!. So you’ll want to join us this week as we celebrate the “BEST Love Story EVER!” The Choir will sing God So Loved the World · There Is Therefore No Condemnation · The Love of God · And Can It Be · Jesus Loves Me · Oh How He Loves You and Me · Above All · He Forgives and Forgets · Redeemed · The Power of His Love · The Wings of Your Love


February 19 “Presidents’ Day Prayers

As we prepare to celebrate Presidents’ Day, it’s important to reflect with gratitude on those who have led America to greatness.  And it’s equally – if not more – important to pray for those who are now in positions of influence as they navigate the troubling waters of declining morality and rampant ignorance of the God-given principles of a free society.  So, be sure to join us this week as we honor and pray for our leaders. The Choir will share these favorites:

The Lord’s Prayer · Agnus Dei · Blessed Is the Nation · If My People w/ Heal Our Land · O God, Our Help in Ages Past · God Bless America · Battle Hymn of the Republic · My Country Tis of Thee w/ Statue of Liberty · America the Beautiful · Be Still and Know (Instrumental) · Shine On Us

February 26 “God’s Ways Work!

Recently I heard my 2-year-old granddaughter say “I do it, Mommy, I do it!” Now her mother was just trying to help, but “miss independent” wanted to do it herself.  It made me think “How often does God try to guide or help us, only to be met with OUR independence and desire to do things “OUR WAY” instead of His! If there’s one thing I’ve learned, though, it’s God’s ways WORK! And that’s our focus this week.  So be sure to tune and hear the Choir sing Sweet Hour of Prayer w/ Take Time to Be Holy · Thy Word · Ancient Words · Walkin’ In the Spirit · Where the Spirit of the Lord Is · As for Me and My House · I Surrender All · We’ve Come This Far By Faith · 10,000 Reasons · I Then Shall Live