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October/November 2018

November 18 – “Thanksgiving Through It All”

Singer/Songwriter Andre Crouch left us with a prolific collection of songs that touched the hearts and souls of multiple generations. One of those songs – Through It All – serves as our springboard for this week’s pre-Thanksgiving broadcast. You will not want to miss this as we look at how to give thanks for mountain-top moments as well as deep valleys of despair. So, be sure to join us as we hear the Choir sing Through It All ● He’s Been Faithful ● Faithful ● Song of Worship ● Praise His Holy Name ● Blessings ● He Leadeth Me ● Holding On to Me ● Great Is the Lord w/ Praise To the Lord

November 25 – “Step Up!”

After the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, thousands of young Americans stepped up to join the US Military and defend their country. They would become part of what is known as “The Greatest Generation”. The act of “stepping up” when opportunity, need, or calling presents itself is one that we, as believers, would do well to emulate. So, join us this week as we focus on our response when called to “STEP UP!” You’ll hear such Choir favorites as Little David, Play on Your Harp ● Moses ● Take My Life and Let It Be ● Here I Am, Lord ● Yes, Lord! ● Come, Follow Me ● As for Me and My House ● Rest ● My Help