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May/June 2018

May 13 – “A Musical Tribute to Moms”

Well, it’s a day for flowers, cards and breakfast in bed lovingly prepared by little hands desiring to do something nice for their Mom! Mothers’ Day – a time to honor those who have invested so much in us. So, in this program, we present a musical tribute to moms everywhere – reflecting on the God-given role that they play in the lives of their children. I trust you’ll be blessed as you listen . . . especially if you’re a Mom! So tune in and enjoy hearing these Choir favorites: Near the Cross ● The Lord’s Prayer ● Bow the Knee ● The Power of Your Love ● Wings of Your Love ● By Faith ● My Faith Has Found a Resting Place ● Song of Worship ● I Worship You ● Find Us Faithful.

May 20 – “Time Out!”

Everywhere I go, I encounter busy people! We’ve so over-scheduled ourselves, that our calendars look like a solid blob of ink without one shred of empty space! There’s little time for rest, prayer, meditating on God’s Word or just thinking. We’re way overdue for a time-out and need to remember that even Jesus took time to seek a little solitude. So be sure to join us as we focus on the importance of “TIME OUT”! The Choir will be singing Rest ● In the Garden ● The Twenty-Third Psalm ● In His Presence Medley ● In the Calm ● Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus ● Trust in the Lord ● Be Still ● Total Praise ● When I Look Into Your Holiness

May 27 – “Is LESS Really MORE?”

We’ve all heard the expression “Less is More” . . . but most of us don’t really believe that. We subscribe to the theory that “if a little is good, then a lot has got to be better”. And that’s probably what Gideon thought as he assembled an army to fight for the Israelites. But apparently God had other plans – as He frequently does – and ended up proving that “Less Really IS More” when God’s in the picture! Don’t miss this encouraging broadcast! You’ll hear such Choir favorites as By Faith ● Faithful ● Great is the Lord w/ Praise to the Lord” ● No Other Name But Jesus ● There’s Power in the Name of Jesus ● Blessed Assurance ● Great Is Thy Faithfulness ● Such a Small King ● Little David, Play On Your Harp

June 3 – “Strength Training, Part 1”

Everywhere I turn, I’m hearing something about exercise! TV, Radio, Magazines . . . the fitness industry is getting its message out! And now the emphasis is not only on aerobics, but also on STRENGTH TRAINING for optimal good health. Well, in this program, we begin a 2-part series on spiritual strength training — building our strength for the race Christ has laid out for us. You won’t want to miss ANY of this, so be sure to join us and hear the Choir sing My Help ● Thou, Oh Lord ● Total Praise ● In the Name of the Lord ● Praise His Holy Names ● Name of Jesus Medley ● Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee ● I Surrender All ● The Lord’s Prayer

June 10 – “Strength Training, Part 2”

When you hear the word “STRENGTH TRAINING”, I know images of barbells and dumbbells and ominous-looking machines at the gym come to mind! But if you tuned in last week, you know that we’re in a two-part series on building our SPIRITUAL strength. Just as we keep our physical bodies in shape, we must also give attention to our spiritual growth and development. So be sure to stay with us now for “STRENGTH TRAINING, Part 2”! The Choir will share the following favorites: They That Wait Upon the Lord ● Everlasting God ● Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus ● Have Thine Own Way, Lord ● As The Deer ● How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place ● Be Still ● In the Calm ● Be Thou My Vision ● My Faith Looks Up to Thee ● Take My Life and Let It Be ● I Worship You, Oh Lord ● Here I Am Lord