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March 2018

March 18 – “Recognizing Blessings, Part 1”

Most of us, if asked, would probably say that we have many blessings. The problem is, nobody’s asking and so we don’t often give thought – except perhaps at Thanksgiving – to all the ways we’re blessed. And to complicate matters, we sometimes only think of blessing in financial terms. Well, you’ll want to join us this week and next week, as we look at “Recognizing Blessings” . . . you may just discover that you’re more blessed than you thought! Featured songs by the Choir will be My Shepherd Will Supply My Need ● The Twenty-Third Psalm ● He Is Jehovah ● Bless God ● Total Praise ● 10,000 Reasons ● To God Be the Glory ● Blessings ● Through It All ● Bow the Knee

March 25 – “Recognizing Blessings, Part 2”

If we ever stopped to count all the blessings of God, we’d be stopped a LONG time! God’s goodness to us is unparalleled and often we don’t recognize the many ways He’s working on our behalf – the times He’s protected us from dangers we may be completely unaware of! This week, we’re going to continue into Part 2 of “Recognizing Blessings”. So be sure to tune in and hear the Choir sing A Mighty Fortress● Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel?● Great Is the Lord Almighty ● Healing Stream ● What A Friend We Have in Jesus ● In the Garden ● My Help ● Walking In the Spirit of God ● No Other Name But Jesus ● There is Power in the Name of Jesus