May, 2024

May 5  “Best of Intentions”

When was the last time you had the “best of intentions” to do something, but never got around to it? Maybe it was a phone call you intended to make . . . or a note you wanted to send . . . perhaps a diet or exercise plan you intended to start? Well, regardless of your track record on following thru, you’ll want tune in this week as we talk about making good on the “Best of Intentions”. The Choir will sing these songs: Change My Heart, O God · Take My Life and Let It Be · The Mind of Christ · Softly and Tenderly · Precious Lord, Take My Hand · Wings of Your Love · Yes, Lord! · Here I Am, Lord · Reach the World · By Faith

May 12  “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

Most of us will remember or at least have heard the wonderful Simon and Garfunkel song “Bridge over Troubled Water”. This classic is sung from the standpoint of someone who will help us get through the troubles of life. As believers, we know that to be Christ.  He is the one who lifts us over the turbulent trials and heartache we face. So join us this week as we focus on Christ — the only sure “bridge over troubled water”!  The Choir will share these favorites: Wonderful Peace · Trust In the Lord · Sometimes He Calms the Storm · Rest · My Help · It’s About the Cross · For God So Loved the World · He Is Able · His Eye Is On the Sparrow ·He Looked Beyond My Fault

May 19  “Running On Empty”

Have you ever known someone who plays chicken with the gas gauge in their car? Waiting until the warning light comes on and then thinking “I still have 50 miles to go. No worries!” Well, that kind of approach to driving is one thing. But when it comes to our faith journey, we need to make sure our tank is full and we’re not cruising on the fumes of a formerly vital relationship with the Lord. Be sure to tune in this week for this cautionary look at “Running on Empty”! You’ll hear these Choir favorites: Come, Holy Spirit0 · Take Time to Be Holy · What A Friend We Have In Jesus · Speak, O Lord · Thy Word · Praise His Holy Name  10,000 Reasons · Come Just As You Are · Holding On to Me · Amazing Grace

May 26  “A Memorial Day Tribute”

As we observe Memorial Day this year, we’re focusing on the gratitude we should all have for America – “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” as our National Anthem says. And we are deeply grateful for all the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that America remains as the bastion of freedom it has been for so long.  Join us this week as we present “A Memorial Day Tribute”.  The Choir will sing America the Beautiful · If My People w/ Words of Lincoln · God Bless America · O God Our Help · The Mind of Christ · Through It All · Faithful · If My People w/ Heal Our Land · Blessed Is the Nation · My Country Tis of Thee