February 2017

February 5 “Glory to God!”

Every once in a while, we all need a time set aside specifically for praise, worship and thanksgiving – a time that’s longer than we experience in most church services – a time for unhurried, perhaps unstructured giving of glory to God. So that’s what we’re going to do in this upcoming broadcast! I hope you’ll sing right along with the Choir – and if the song is unfamiliar, I hope you’ll listen in an attitude of praise. You really won’t want to miss any of this – so be sure to tune in! The Choir will be singing some of your favorites: Song of Worship • Let All Things Now Living • The Majesty and Glory of Your Name • Threshold of Glory • Total Praise • Let Everything that Hath Breath • I Worship You • Glory to the Lamb • To God Be the Glory • Declare His Glory

February 12 “WHAT Are You Looking For, and WHERE?”

In 1980, country singer Johnny Lee had a hit song called “Looking for Love (in all the wrong places)”. Those lyrics have become a catch-phrase describing the quest many of us go on to find love, peace, success and a host of other things. Problem is — we’re often looking in all the WRONG places! In this broadcast, we’ll focus on the RIGHT place to find whatever it is we’re looking for. So be sure to tune in and hear the Choir sing: In Christ Alone • The Solid Rock • As the Deer • Be Thou My Vision • The Steadfast Love of the Lord • Trust in the Lord • Coming Home • He Looked Beyond My Fault • His Grace Was Greater • In the Calm • High and Lifted Up

February 19 “I Love to Tell the Story”

Who doesn’t love a good story? And it’s all the better when the story is true! So it is with the many stories in the Bible that we perhaps learned as children, studied as adults and then passed on to our own children. And how much more enjoyable the story is, when it’s told through song! So in this program, we’re going to share many of the story-songs that the Choir has recorded. I know you’ll enjoy this, so be sure to join us and hear these Choir favorites: I Love to Tell the Story • First Came Aardvarks • Dry Bones • Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel? • Moses • Little David, Play on Your Harp • In the First Light • Hallelujah, Praise the Lamb • Was It a Morning Like This? • Midnight Cry • We Shall Behold Him

February 26 “Deep and Wide”

One of the songs I thoroughly enjoyed singing as a child was “DEEP and WIDE”. The motions were fun, and the singing became more and more challenging as we sequentially dropped words, replacing them with just a hum. It was only as an adult, however, that I began to understand just how “deep” and “wide” this fountain of God’s love and forgiveness truly was. You’ll want to be sure and join us for this broadcast as we take a look at the great truth in this simple song. You’ll hear the Choir share There is a Fountain • Alas, and Did My Savior Bleed • Rock of Ages • And Can it Be? • Near the Cross • Healing Stream • O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus • God So Loved the World • Hallelujah, Praise the Lamb • Lamb of God • Oh How He Loves You and Me • The Wondrous Cross