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September 2017

September 3 “THIS is Really the Pits!”

How often have you found yourself in a discouraging situation, saying “THIS is really the pits!” Talk about negative confession! But sometimes we just can’t help ourselves . . . our positive attitude flies out the window and we’re determined to have ourselves a pity party of royal proportions! And while that’s never a good solution, we’re not by ourselves in this reaction, as we’ll learn from Scripture today. You won’t want to miss this! The Choir will sing Bow the Knee● Trust in the Lord ● Blessings ● Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel ● He’s Been Faithful ● Through It All ● They That Wait Upon the Lord ● Let Everything that Hath Breath ● High and Lifted Up ● No Other Name But Jesus

September 10 “FAVOR of the FATHER”

What do Noah, Moses, Joseph, David, Samuel, Mary and Jesus have in common? Well, besides being primary characters in God’s plan – the Bible tells us that each of these experienced the FAVOR of God. Now that’s a group we’d ALL like to join! And we can! As we follow the precepts of His Word and devote ourselves to prayer and worship, we, too, can know the “FAVOR of the FATHER”. Be sure to tune in for this encouraging program and hear the Choir share Alas, And Did My Savior Bleed? ● Grace Greater than All My Sin ● His Grace Was Greater ● ABBA, Father ● And the Father Will Dance ● He Looked Beyond My Fault ● Father, O Father ● Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone ● The Steadfast Love of the Lord ● Shine On Us ● The Twenty-Third Psalm

September 17 “We Declare Your Majesty!”

Most years, as we head into the fall season here on Psalm 95, we feature a program that is almost exclusively a time of praise, worship and exultation. So this week, in a broadcast called We Declare Your Majesty, we’re going to do just that – as we focus on God as King of all Kings – Ruler over all – and our Sovereign Lord! You won’t want to miss this special time of praise, so be sure to join us! The Choir will sing We Declare Your Majesty ● We Will Glorify ● Honored, Glorified, Exalted ● Declare His Glory ● You Reign ● O Worship the King ● It All Belongs to You ● Almighty God ● The Majesty and Glory of Your Name ● How Great is Our God ● To the King

September 24 “Dodging Disaster!”

Have you ever looked at a situation and said “now, there’s a disaster waiting to happen!” You can just tell by looking at it – or perhaps you sense something in your spirit that says “this is wrong on SO many levels”! Well, thankfully, God gives us wisdom and discernment AND His Word that’s filled with instruction to help us avoid trouble – IF we’ll “read and heed”! So be sure to tune in for this helpful program we talk about “Dodging Disaster”. Favorites to be sung by the Choir include: Trust in the Lord ● He Leadeth Me ● Walkin’ in the Spirit ● When I Look Into Your Holiness ● Lord, You’re Holy ● O Magnify the Lord ● Be Still ● If You Will Only Let God Guide You ● Change My Heart, O God ● His Grace Was Greater ● Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone