May 2019

May 19 “ALONE But Not LONELY”

For a whole variety of reasons, many of us find ourselves doing life “alone”. Perhaps we’ve lost a spouse to death or serious disease or divorce.  Perhaps that “right person” never came along and whether you like it or not, you’re firmly entrenched in the single life.  Regardless of the reason, being ALONE doesn’t have to mean being LONELY! Join us this week to find out why and hear the Choir share such favorites as In His Presence Medley — In the Calm — As the Deer — God With Us — Through It All — Trust In the Lord — Brethren, We Have Met to Worship — Reach Out, Come Share — Holding On to Me — Wings of Your Love

May 26 “Consider Your Ways”

Most of us were taught as youngsters to THINK before we speak, to THINK before we act, and really, just to THINK period! Now that I’ve been the parent of teenagers, I realize not only the importance of this task, but the difficulty of it as well. Perhaps that’s because we, as adults, often don’t THINK about the things we’re doing or saying!  We act out of habit, or impulsively – out of emotion. Whatever the case, we MUST learn to CONSIDER OUR WAYS, as Scripture puts it. You won’t want to miss this! The Choir will sing He Leadeth Me — I Surrender All — Father, I Adore You — Take My Life and Let It Be — In the Calm — The Mind of Christ — Embrace the Cross — Near the Cross — His Grace Was Greater — He’s Been Faithful — Wallkin’ in the Spirit