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October 2017


In sports, you’re a conqueror if you get enough points to win your game. You’re MORE than a conqueror if you happened to be, say, on the 1940 Chicago Bears team that defeated the Redskins by a whopping 73 points (!) or riding Secretariat in the 1973 Belmont and winning by 31 lengths! So . . . what does it mean to be MORE than a conqueror in the race we’re running as Christ-followers? Join us as we find out on this upcoming broadcast! The Choir will sing To God Be the Glory ● Lord, You’re Holy ● Jesus Never Fails ● The Love of God ● And Can It Be ● The Power of Your Love ● Mighty Warrior ● A Mighty Fortress ● Your Great Name

October 8 “JOURNEY”

Each time the Choir releases a new recording, I have the privilege of personally introducing it to you on Psalm 95! So in this week’s broadcast, we’re going to hear selections from our brand new album, simply titled JOURNEY . . . songs that trace our journey with the Lord from the moment of salvation, until we reach our Heavenly home. I know you’ll be blessed by the familiar words and melodies that trace our walk of faith, so be sure to tune in and hear the Choir share Blessed Messiah ● As for Me and My House ● Praise His Holy Name ● The Lord’s Prayer ● Holding On To Me ● My Help ● In All of His Glory ● Triumphantly, the Church Will Rise ● No More Night

October 15 “WAKE UP!”

Most of us face mornings responding to an alarm clock. It could play music or a gentle buzzer, or perhaps it’s like a sonic boom with an attachment that shakes your bed till you get out of it! In any case, we often resist that signal to “WAKE UP”. The same is often true in our spiritual lives when we’re urged to WAKE UP and be vigilant as we follow Christ. Don’t miss this challenging program! Featured songs by the Choir will be Shine On Us ● Come Follow Me ● Reach Out, Come Share ● Open My Eyes w/ Wonderful Words of Life ● Here I Am, Lord ● Our Heart ● By Faith ● Brethren, We Have Met to Worship ● Yes, Lord! ● Precious Lord, Take My Hand

October 22 “BACK-SEAT DRIVER!”

Have you ever been accused of being a “back seat driver” — one of those people who give unwanted advice about the way someone’s driving or doing some other task? Well, if that’s your tendency, you may have tried a time or two to tell God how to “drive” your life! And I’m pretty sure God does NOT need our counsel. Yet we often insist on giving it to him anyway! You do NOT want to miss this – so be sure to tune in! Choir favorites will include If You Will Only Let God Guide You ● I Surrender All ● Moses ● Our God is God ● He Leadeth Me ● They That Wait Upon the Lord ● Everlasting God ● Bow the Knee ● The Lord’s Prayer ● Have Thine Own Way, Lord

October 29 “The BIG ‘What If?’”

Have you ever lain awake at night while your mind runs in all sorts of directions (usually none of which are good!), asking yourself questions that usually begin with these two words: What if . . . and you fill in the blank! They can be questions about your job, your health, your family, your finances . . . but you just can’t seem to quell the tide of “what ifs”! You won’t want to miss this week’s broadcast as we focus on dealing with “The BIG ‘What IF?’”. The Choir will share Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus ● Blessed Assurance ● Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel ● Great Is the Lord Almighty ● My Shepherd Will Supply My Need ● Great Is Thy Faithfulness ● The Solid Rock ● How Great Thou Art ● Our God Is God ● Blessings ● The Steadfast Love