“I Surrender All”

Songs of the Heart:  Part 2 (Reflections on Favorite Hymns, Praise Songs and Anthems) [Writer’s Note: the following was written while creating the piano solo arrangement of “I Surrender All”, found on the album “Songs From The Heart. You may listen to this arrangement, as well as to the Choir’s performance of this hymn by clicking [...]

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The “Oh NO!” Before the “WOO HOO!”

How many of us have experienced a time when we’re moving full steam ahead toward a blessing or the fulfillment of a goal, only to find that something zings in from left field to seemingly snatch that blessing away from us? In church-speak, many call this “Death of a Vision”.  We believe that God has [...]

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“He Leadeth Me”

Songs of the Heart:  Part 1 (Reflections on Favorite Hymns, Praise Songs and Anthems) How wonderful to hold the hand of God!  To rest in His incomparable knowledge of the path ahead; to understand that His ways are beyond ours and to trust in that truth! Have you ever walked with a young child, holding [...]

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Slides That Work!

In our continuing quest to do all we can to foster GREAT congregational singing in our churches, I want to bring up another thing we can do to help us reach our goal. I realize that the use of slides to project song lyrics is still very controversial in some circles. And yet, it seems to [...]

Trusting God When It Hurts

August 20, 2000, began as an ordinary Sunday. I went to church with my husband, Dave, and three young sons. We spent the afternoon riding bikes in Gettysburg, my two oldest proud that, at eight and six, they could keep up with Mom and Dad, my four-year-old enjoying the ride from his perch on the [...]

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